Extra Curricular

Athletic Programs

Both North Cross and Roanoke Catholic offer robust sports programs.

Roanoke Catholic

At Roanoke Catholic, all 13 sports teams enjoy a unique classroom experience. Athletics give Roanoke Catholic students and coaches a chance to practice good sportsmanship and learn perseverance and resilience, and creates an opportunity for healthy competition.

  • Volleyball – Varsity and JV
  • Cross Country – Varsity and JV
  • Football – Varsity
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys Basketball – Varsity and JV
  • Girls Basketball – Varsity
  • Wrestling – Varsity
  • Swimming – Varsity
  • Track –Varsity
  • Lacrosse – Varsity
  • Girls Soccer – Varsity
  • Boys Baseball – Varsity
  • Golf – Varsity

North Cross

The North Cross athletic program is based on the knowledge that a well-exercised competitive young person can learn about himself or herself on the athletic field in a way difficult to match in other areas of school life. As proof, 20 out of 29 newly enrolled student athletes made the Honor Roll this fall. The development of the complete person is the goal of both the faculty and students at North Cross and that goal is enthusiastically pursued in our athletic program.

  • Cross Country- Varsity and JV
  • Football- Varsity and JV
  • Tennis- Varsity and JV
  • Soccer- Varsity and JV
  • Field Hockey- Varsity and JV
  • Volleyball- Varsity and JV
  • Basketball- Varsity and JV
  • Swimming- Varsity and JV
  • Baseball- Varsity and JV
  • Lacrosse- Varsity and JV
  • Wrestling- Varsity and JV
  • Golf- Varsity and JV

Your Address for Outreach Opportunities

Roanoke Catholic School provides a wide variety of activities so that students may explore their interests and develop their skills. These organizations include the Student Government Association; the student newspaper, The Celtic Crier; the literary magazine, Shanachie; the yearbook, The Key; the Kiwanis Key Club, and a variety of other clubs based on student interest.

One such example is Roanoke Catholic’s Key Club, an international student-led organization that gives its members opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Service projects that the Roanoke Catholic Key Club annually coordinate or participate in include the production of Christmas fruit baskets to assist Manna Ministries, fall leaf raking for needy area residents, the Crop Walk, Greenway clean-up, Soup for Seniors, and drives to benefit both local food banks and a Catholic school in Haiti.

Arts & Culture

Roanoke Catholic nurtures artistic expression through Theater, Dance, Choir, Band, Visual Arts, and Engineering/3D Printing classes.  The arts are extremely important to the growth of young people, and the wonderful thing about the theatre is that it includes all of the arts in one! All people need a creative outlet to express themselves.

Statistics show that students successfully finishing a theatre or speech class are over 50% more likely to be successful in college and the workforce. The drama program at Roanoke Catholic is a taste of everything the Theatre Arts have to offer. From acting to directing, play writing to the world of technical theatre, costume designers, scenic, lighting, sound, props, and more is included.


Your Address for Self-Expression

North Cross offers many opportunities for artistic expression, musical and otherwise, including a winter theater production, the annual Coffeehouse, a spring musical, and band and choral groups. Visual artists are encouraged to submit their work for juried art shows in the community. More academically focused clubs include Harvard Model U.N. One of their most engaging activities throughout the year is CrossCurrents, an annual Speaker and Dialogue Series.

Fine Arts

The instructors in the Fine Arts Department at North Cross School believe that knowledge of the arts and humanities is essential to the education of the whole person, allowing students to draw connections between the disciplines, embrace originality, and understand the importance of communication through creative means. The program integrates the study and practice of technique with the exercise and development of innovative thought and is committed to providing an aesthetic environment that enables students to develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

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