Your New Address for Green Dorm Living

A Green, Adaptive Reuse Building

Where Sustainability  and Green Choices are Part of the Program

The Boxley Building, built in 1922, is an iconic historic structure located in the heart of quaint, Downtown Roanoke. It originally served as corporate headquarters for the Boxley Family Company and has been maintained with very high standards for green and sustainable practices. With its unique constructive materials and details, the building serves as a model for the city of Roanoke, Roanoke’s success, and completes Wilson International’s vision for a program built on history and the legacy of Woodrow Wilson.

What are sustainable building practices?

The US Green Building Council was created to recognize and encourage sustainable buildings and practices for developers. As Wilson International updates and renovates the Boxley Building to ready it for its next new chapter as a dorm and apartment building, they did so with an eye for environmentally conscious decision making that includes re-purposing and reclaiming the building structure and materials, water efficiency, energy conservation, and engineering considerations. This greener building methodology creates opportunities for more sustainable choices.

What this means for you is that you and your loved ones live in a place that is efficient, quiet, built with integrity, and best of all—good for the planet.


Green is not something you can buy. It's a way of life. Treasure everything. Lower your carbon footprint. Think sustainably in all ways. Make it. Grow it. Build it yourself. Do all you can with what you have.


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